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The R.R. Smith Center for History & Art is home to the Augusta County Historical Society, Historic Staunton Foundation, and the Staunton Augusta Art Center. Our building includes galleries, classrooms, archives, conference space, a garden, and offices for non-profit cultural organizations.  Located in Staunton’s Beverley Historic District, the building is an 1894 hotel designed in the French Second Empire style by Staunton architect, T.J. Collins.

Partner Organizations


The mission of the Augusta County Historical Society is to study, collect, preserve, publish, educate about, and promote the history of Augusta County and its communities including Staunton and Waynesboro. The society also strives to make the citizens of the Augusta County area aware of their heritage. The work of the society includes educational outreach, operating an archives and library for preservation and research use, supporting the creation of historic districts, documenting cemeteries, erecting historic highway markers, documenting local landmarks, creating historical exhibits, and publishing items of historical interest.




Historic Staunton Foundation is a non-profit organization promoting the preservation and revitalization of the rich architectural and historic resources in Staunton, Virginia.  HSF works one-on-one with property owners, provides preservation workshops, conducts education programs and provides staff assistance to the City of Staunton.  HSF also maintains a preservation resource room and the TJ Collins & Son Architectural Drawings Archives.  Visit our web site for office contacts, learn about events, historic preservation in Staunton, and get great advice for your project.





With a rich history dating back to 1960, The Staunton Augusta Art Center is a vibrant cultural hub that serves as a beacon for artistic expression and community engagement. Offering a diverse range of exhibitions, children's programming, workshops, events, and two yearly art festivals, the Staunton Augusta Art Center celebrates both local and national artists, fostering creativity and dialogue. With a focus on community, the Art Center's welcoming atmosphere and commitment to accessibility make it a cherished destination for art enthusiasts of all ages​



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